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I’m Kelvin Papp, a UK based IT Professional with over 15 years’ experience supporting, designing, and deploying IT solutions across a wide range of technologies. My background is similar to many in this space – years of experience (I can say that now I’ve been around for a while!) working with traditional on-premises infrastructure and systems, some “dabbling” with Cloud as it began to mature, to a position now where I work almost exclusively on Cloud based solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

I work as Chief Technology Officer for leading UK Microsoft Partner Transparity. I often find myself in that sometimes murky / grey area between commercial and technical (although I think any “tech” will tell you that it’s easy to figure out which side of the fence you fall on when push comes to shove!); providing consultancy and design guidance on solutions underpinned by Cloud infrastructure and services and leading our Technology agenda. I don’t subscribe to the latest bandwagon, I want to be seen as someone who influences and effects honest, positive change through awareness and deployment of some of the incredible capabilities that are available today.

I love what I do. From the days of servers in racks, to where we are now with a focus on Cloud compute and services, there’s never been anything more satisfying to me than helping individuals and organisations figure out what it is that turns their IT from “problem” to “solution”. That’s changed technologically over the years, but it continues to be a journey of discovery, learning, and application that make every day exciting… at least most days!

The intention of this site is to pull together some of the thoughts and opinions that I have on both technology and application from the relatively unique perspective that I have. There will be a (natural) Microsoft emphasis (note, not bias!), but that’s not to say there won’t be the occasional left-field write up or commentary on other things that crop up along the way.

Usual disclaimers apply: Content posted is my own opinion, and not necessarily reflective of my employer or any other organisation referenced. I might post once a day, it might be once a month… in any case, happy reading and I hope at least some of my ramblings prove useful to you.

Happy reading. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.