You could be forgiven for thinking that this site had been kicked into the weeds… lost in the myriad of other well-intentioned, but ultimately abandoned blogs that litter the internet. That was never the plan. I was asked specifically “what happened to the blog” recently and struggled for an answer. Having reflected, I thought perhaps I should pull my finger out and post something. It seems some of you like what you read on here (indeed, I’ve seen a good amount of continued traffic in spite of no posts of late). Perhaps surprisingly - given the lack of content - I also enjoy putting the posts together that end up on here πŸ™‚

There’s something quite therapeutic about putting metaphorical pen to paper. Whether what gets written ends up getting posted is another question altogether… Irrespective, the process of learning, documenting, and sharing my thoughts is an enjoyable one. I don’t write to get feedback, but I do enjoy the interactions that come from putting content out there. I also appreciate the messages that come from people who have learned something new, or gained some sort of insight from my ramblings and taken the time to let me know. I’ve missed all of those things in the last 4-5 months.

So what happened?

So back to the point, what happened to the blog? Did I consciously stop writing? Was there nothing of interest to post after Continuous Access Evaluation? Did something happen? The short answer is none of those things. Life just got in the way, as I’m sure it has for most people of late.

It’s been a strange but busy few months. Lockdown 2 in the UK… closely followed by 3. Schools closed once again. An immensely busy (but successful) period at work, coupled with a role change that’s added some healthy (but enjoyable) pressure. I’ve simultaneously had both the most, and least time at my disposal than at any other point in my life. The truth of it is that the blog has taken a back seat at a time where I wish it hadn’t. There have been some failed attempts at posting, some half written blogs. Plenty of inspiration, but (perhaps) not enough motivation, that’s on me.

Is the blog done?

So is the blog done? In short, no πŸ™‚ There’s certainly no lack of noteworthy tech to post about… Cloud adoption has sky-rocketed in the last year or so (for obvious reasons), as has the pace of innovation and rate which we’re seeing some awesome new things come to market from Microsoft. I’ve never been more excited to be associated with a vendor and set of technologies at a point in my career.

I can’t promise posts on a schedule, nor can I guarantee an influx of content in the coming days / weeks on the back of this one. I do though have every intention of getting back on the wagon… and I hope those of you that follow will continue to check in and feedback.

Watch this space…